Choosing your flowers is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. But before you make any decisions, there are a few points you’ll want to consider. Use this step-by-step wedding flower guide to get started.Tips for choosing your wedding flowers…..

1. Find the Right Wedding Florist
Before you venture out and start the meet-and-greets with selected florists, think about the type of person you work well with. The most important aspect is that you feel comfortable with the designer and you feel you are being listened to. If you have that connection with the floral designer, they will be able to bring to life floral designs that execute your vision, even if you can’t articulate it or know nothing about flowers.

2. Consider Your Wedding Flower Budget
This one is a no-brainer. All weddings can get blown out by a hefty price tag on everything. So set a budget and try to stick to it. Speak with your florist and make sure you both know your limits. A good florist will direct you to flowers within your budget and come up with ideas to suit.
But try to remember that flowers play an important role in your big day. They can link a colour theme together with all the wedding party. They can bring your reception and ceremony to life. So dont skimp on flowers, just make sure you and your florist are on the same page.
3. Establish a Vision
Have a general idea about your taste. Are you looking for a vintage theme? A simple , minamalistic style or a true romantic styled wedding.
Pick a colour and style for your wedding and then pick the flowers to suit. Don’t even think about visiting a florist without knowing what your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and mothers are wearing. There’s literally no point — you can’t pick any flowers if you don’t know what colours will work. On the flip side, you won’t know what colours your flowers come in without knowing which flowers you want. First tackle the attire, then choose your ideal colour palette and make a list of your favourite flowers, and then see if your florist can accomplish both. Any good florist can come up with great ideas to accomodate budget along with your style and colour theme. Collect pictures,colour samples and ideas to take along to your florist. Together you can then create a vision and incorporate flowers to suit. Look through our gallery to get inspired.
4. Consider Your Wedding Dress
At this point, you should have already picked out your gown, seeing as that will dictate what kind of bouquet you should carry. While you might not think so, florists base many decisions on the bride’s gown — how ornate it is, whether it’s white or cream, if it’s classic or contemporary, and so on. Most florists think of the wedding dress as the centrepiece of the day, so this will give them a good idea of where you’re going with the wedding style.

5. Map Out Your Wedding Style
Your style is different than your vision. Are you looking to carry a very dramatic, long bunch of flowers or a tight posy of blooms instead? Do the same thinking about the other people in the wedding party: Should Mum wear a corsage or have a wrist corsage? Should the bridesmaids carry a single stem or a tussy mussy? Style will also affect price accordingly, as well as the choice of flowers that will or won’t work in the type of bouquet you’re eyeing.

6. Size Up Your Crowd
Don’t listen to your groom — size does matter! How many people are you planning on having to the wedding celebration? That number will determine how many tables and, consequently, how many centrepieces you’ll require. How many attendants will you have to outfit with flowers: groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls? This will dramatically impact the price. On the other hand, if you are requiring fewer than average centrepieces, you may be able to get those orchids flown in from China that you swore you couldn’t live without.

7. Get Everything in Writing
All the work you will do to get this far will mean nothing if you don’t have it all in writing. So make certain that your florist drafts a contract, specifically stating the flowers you’re going to have, how many bouquets you’ll need, price, and what time you can expect them to arrive on the day of the wedding. Don’t hesitate to include the things you absolutely don’t want, as well. That way, you’ll have recourse if your florist doesn’t come through for you.