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Succulents in wedding bouquets

Fresh from nature, succulents are long-lasting, juicy and tender additions to any part of your wedding theme. With an assortment of different kinds, textures, and colors, this floral trend is sure to stay and take the heat !
Succulents in wedding bouquets can be teamed with simple blooms and textured greenery to give a vintage look or simply with roses to keep it clean and classic.


Succulents can be used as simple table centres too. Use them in tea cups dotted along the tables. name tags on the cups can be used as place cards and the guests can take them home .Small glass vases clustered together with a mixture of succulents in each is another great table centre idea. They will give a simply gorgeous look to any bouquet or table – give them some thought if you want something different!


Wedding Flowers – the origin

Wedding flowers – the origin

The first recorded use of wedding flowers can be attributed to the Greeks. Flowers and plants would be bundled together to form a garland wreath worn upon the head, much like the better-known Caesar’s laurels. It was considered a gift of nature, and thus extremely appropriate for a wedding. Traditionally, the Greek bridesmaids would be responsible for this honor.

The garland bouquet would often contain bulbs of garlic. This wasn’t to make the wedding smell like your grandmother’s kitchen, but instead to ward off any evil spirits that might see fit to intervene in the ceremony or curse their future together.

The tradition of wedding flowers remains to this day.

Wedding flowers aren’t just a Greek tradition. They’ve been adopted all around the world due to their natural beauty and wide appeal.

· Wedding flowers in Sweden – In Sweden, it was tradition for young girls to carry small bouquets of fragrant herbs down the aisle. The groom would also put thyme in his pockets. The reasons? Warding off any trolls that might decide a wedding was a perfect place to find a tasty snack.

· Wedding flowers in Germany – In Germany, the bride and groom both would hold candles that had flowers and ribbons tied to them.

· Wedding flowers in England – In England, it was tradition for the bride and her bridesmaids to proceed to the church together, led by a small girl who would sprinkle blossoms in their path to assure long life and happiness for the bride. The tradition of “flower girls” remains to this day.

Modern uses for wedding flowers

Wedding flowers have taken off in popularity to the point where you will be hard-pressed to find a wedding that doesn’t involve them in some way. Some of the new traditions include:

· The bouquet – This is perhaps, next to the bride herself, the centerpiece of the entire ceremony. A great deal of science has gone into developing a system of matching the blooms present in the bouquet with the season, with physical attributes of the bride, and with the location of the ceremony itself.
classic rose package  (2)
· The corsage – Another popular component of most modern dresses is the corsage. Worn about the wrist, it is usually designed to match the dress and bouquet.

· The boutonniere – This is a male tradition. Originally, flowers would be pushed through the buttonhole of a jacket, but nowadays it’s proper for the groom to have the boutonniere pinned to his left lapel. It’s also appropriate for it to match the bride’s corsage and bouquet.
Classic rose package
· Table centerpiece – Perfect for the reception ceremony, an extravagant centerpiece on each table leaves guests with nothing but fond memories. It’s now standard practice to include these in every reception.

Wedding flowers are steeped in history and will likely remain tradition for many years to come. I

2015 wedding flower trends

If you’re planning your 2015 wedding, then you need to know about next year’s fantastic wedding flower trends! From bouquets to hair accessories to venue decoration, here are some great ideas inspired from the hottest wedding flower trends of 2015. The ‘just-picked-from-the-garden’ look has been popular with brides throughout 2014, and this gorgeous trend doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere for the next year!

Wild garden

“Next summer, brides will choose softly-coloured blooms that reflect the gentle tones of the English garden Instead of having a massed rose bouquet or other bouquet of one single flower, choose mixed flowers that look like they could come from the garden.” We love the look of sweet peas, garden roses and tulips.

Classic and clean

For every bride who loves the wildflower look, there’s another who wants a much cleaner, classic bouquet. White and ivory look set to remain popular throughout 2015, as do traditional blooms like roses and calla lilies.
“The timeless combination of white and green is still preferred by many brides, who want a simple, elegant feel to their bouquet. Another way they can achieve this is by grouping a single flower variety, for example ‘Sweet Avalanche’ roses. Using a large number of stems of a single flower variety is an easy way to create impact while keeping the simplicity.”

Pretty pastels

Pastel colours are always popular when the weather starts to get warmer, and this extends to wedding flowers too! “A soft and creamy colour palette will stay with us through spring and summer 2015, enhanced by large open flowers which have that quintessential country garden feel. Next year is tipped to be one of pale and pastel colours.
“Pastels, soft whites and creams are definitely the dominant colours of the season I particularly love the look of peonies in ice cream shades like peach, lemon and pink.

Hanging blooms

Don’t forget about your floral reception decorations! “If your venue has lovely grounds, choose a statement tree and have bottles hanging from branches filled with pretty blooms. These can make a wonderful backdrop for photos. Or use shepherd hooks in the ground with hanging jars to enhance the walkway or aisle.