KAYLEIGH & TROY – 8th October 2016

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This gorgeous couple said their “I do’s” at The Willows in St Kilda amongst family and friends.

They had a perfect cloudless day in between awful rain and winds. The wedding Gods were looking down on them and they managed to get the perfect photos of their day thanks to @coreywrightphotgrapher.

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I asked them what they loved most about their day ………………..

Our ceremony and reception were held at The Willows on 8 October 2016 – hands down the best day of my life !!!

The best parts:

– we couldn’t stop laughing when our celebrants mic cut out right when he was about to quote Troys take on love

– we opted not to have a first dance, but Troy surprised me with our fav song as the last dance of the night

– we had a cocktail reception as this seemed best for us given we have friends in a number of circles – we were stoked that everyone made friends with everyone and partied the night away … we wanted more of a party and that’s what we got

And obviously…

– I got to marry my best friend and become Mrs Malthouse!!! I absolutely love that I have a husband now ❤

We were soooo lucky that each of our suppliers listened and helped !! The flowers were exactly what I wanted based on the photo I sent to you, Corey captured the shots we wanted, dream ceremony decor matched our aisle flowers to the colours that you were putting in our bouquets, the cake was sensational…. we were honestly so lucky. Little things are always going to potentially go wrong, but none of that matters in the scheme of things or in the long run. We were so so lucky to have found the people we did to shape (and capture) out big day!

Kayleigh & Troy

The happy couple are a prime example of Happily Ever After. So glad we were invited to create some of their story with bouquets of lilac and white roses . Kayleigh looked stunning in a strapless gown and the bouquets completed her look.

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